It seems like everyone has a smartphone now. In 2015, Ericsson reported that there are a cool 2.6 billion mobile subscriptions globally. Yet very few of us are using our phones solely for their “primary” purpose: making calls. Instead, according to Flurry’s latest report, smartphone users are spending 90% of their time on their smartphones—that’s three hours and 18 minutes per day—in various mobile apps.

As mobile-app usage continues to rise, it’s increasingly important for marketers to find their audiences on mobile, especially as we head into the holidays. Just last year, during the Thanksgiving 2014 holiday, mobile devices accounted for 52% of traffic to e-commerce sites and 32% of online sales.

Mapping these audiences as they move from web into mobile apps has been a challenge—until now.


With AdRoll for Facebook Audience Network, advertisers can seamlessly extend their existing Facebook campaigns into the world of mobile apps. In addition to banners, stunning native and interstitial ads will capture your customers’ attention on Facebook Audience Network’s highly engaging apps, including bestsellers like MyFitnessPal, Shazam, NYTimes.

Marketers using AdRoll for Facebook Audience Network will enjoy having a fresh new way to reach customers:

  • Extend reach beyond Facebook into mobile apps. Become a part of your customers’ app experience with reach through Facebook Audience Network apps.
  • Drive conversions. Use native ad experiences to help boost mobile-app installs and conversions.
  • Control campaigns from a unified dashboard. Manage, optimize, and pull reporting across your multichannel campaigns in one convenient place.

This will be available for all new campaigns and on a rolling basis for existing campaigns. Talk to your account manager today for more information!