If you’re a marketer that’s responsible for growing your business, you’re likely faced with endless options or tools that promise to help. To evaluate these tools, it’s important to understand how they might be defined differently. In this post, we’ll look at email retargeting specifically.

A quick google search for email retargeting results in a mix of results, each describing the topic in a different way. This is enough to leave almost anyone confused and wondering, “What is email retargeting, really?”

While many definitions do exist; AdRoll simply defines the practice as running retargeting campaigns through email.

But how exactly does retargeting through email work?

First, a visitor comes to your site.

Second, the visitor learns about your product, but leaves before completing a desired conversion on your website.

Third, AdRoll serves an email ad to the visitor to convince them to come back to your site and convert.

Regardless of whether you’re targeting customers through the web, Facebook, or email the goal of this strategy is simple; convert prospects to buyers and one-time purchasers to repeat customers.  

The effectiveness of email retargeting with AdRoll

If you’re reading this article because you’re a bit curious about the effectiveness of email retargeting, you’re not alone. Many of our customers have asked the very same question. 

We decided to run the numbers across thousands of customers opted into our service and the results were surprising. On average, retargeting emails have an open rate of 60%—convincing customers to click 15% of the times.

In other words, when running both traditional email and email retargeting, email retargeting produced 3x the open rate and 6x the click-through rate.

This type of performance stems from AdRoll’s ability to analyze thousands of buying-intent signals. AdRoll is able to leverage these intent signals to trigger dynamic emails that feature products tailored to prospective customers.

RightPeopleBy combining AdRoll’s powerful retargeting tech with an effective email strategy, marketers are able to turn a window shopper into a buyer.

Download our email marketing guide to learn how to supercharge this high performing channel. And check out AdRoll’s email retargeting product, SendRoll, here