Like the classic little black dress, personalized advertising is always in style. Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work making our dynamic ads product more beautiful and powerful than ever.

With the recent explosion in online advertising, today’s consumers are exposed to an exponential boom in digital display ads. But 80% of consumers say that the last ad they saw wasn’t relevant to them. Marketers want to provide relevant, engaging ads that stand out and improve campaign performance; however, few have the technology and design resources they need to produce personalized display campaigns at scale.

Enter dynamic creatives: dynamic, personalized ads that boost retargeting performance. Across the web and Facebook, we’ve seen dynamic ads provide a 44% lift in ROI and a 115% increase in CTR.

Suunto Dynamic LiquidAds

What’s new?

  • Advanced Recommendations: Our improved technology not only suggests products a customer has viewed, it also learns which products in your catalog are viewed most often or are likely to appeal to customers with a similar shopping history.
  • Expanded dynamic creatives team: Our highly talented design professionals build on-brand, custom dynamic ads for each and every client. Our account strategists are there to help you have a successful integration from beginning to end.
  • Animations and interactions: The improved dynamic ads technology gives you more options for creative expression on the web. We have designed a wide range of playful and sophisticated animations and interactive features, so your ads can set design trends, not just follow them.
  • Simplified setup: Our time-saving one-pixel setup and integration with third-party feeds from e-commerce platforms like Google, Amazon, and Shopzilla give you everything you need to personalize every impression and promote top products.

Want more?

Here are some resources to help you out:

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…and you can always contact your account manager with any questions.