Here at AdRoll, we believe the more personalized the advertising, the better the performance. Our goal is to make personalized advertising easy and intuitive for every brand — no matter the size. This approach gives smaller brands access to this powerful technology for the first time, and for large brands and agencies, it reduces implementation time, and eliminates the need for them to allocate scarce resources to lengthy integrations and creative development.

Recently, we had the opportunity to apply our unique approach to Facebook when AdRoll was selected to participate in the original Facebook Exchange alpha. Since that time, we’ve been cranking in high-gear (and through mass quantities of dry erase markers) to build products that help advertisers maximize opportunities with this new inventory source. Today, we’re very excited to announce initial results from our most recent breakthrough — the integration of dynamic creatives on Facebook Exchange.

What is Dynamic Creatives on FBX?

Personalized ads done right are a win-win for both advertisers and prospective customers. Instead of generic messages that may or may not be relevant, dynamic ads present people with products and offers that are well suited to their specific tastes. For example, say I’m shopping at BetaBrand for pants for ‘RollerDisco, our upcoming team roller skating event. Instead of being served a static retargeting ad featuring just their logo and generic text, dynamic creatives would customize the creative based on products I’ve recently viewed, and display their Disco Pants, which would be perfect for this occasion!

Dynamic creatives enable advertisers to retarget web visitors with ads featuring exact products that they were recently browsing, in addition to recommended products for that specific person. Our proprietary site crawler (“RollCrawl”) automatically pulls product images, descriptions, and prices from an advertiser’s site. This means advertisers don’t need to do any work whatsoever to get up and running quickly. With dynamic creatives on FBX, advertisers can now deliver these same ads to Facebook’s many users.

Dynamic Creatives on FBX

Generating FBX Ads Posed Unique Challenges

Our existing dynamic creative infrastructure gave us a big leg on up on the process; however, ensuring that dynamic creatives worked seamlessly on Facebook’s unique platform presented a couple of new challenges.

Facebook Ad Image Constraints

Facebook ads require that an image be no larger than 100 x 72 pixels. However, typical product images used in dynamic creatives are much larger. In addition, size and quality of product images can vary greatly between advertisers.

We’ve addressed these issues by developing an automated process to focus in on the most interesting part of a product image and a “smart cropping” tool that automatically crops and re-scales the image around the focal point.

Facebook Ad Text Insertion

Apart from product images, Facebook ads also contain text. It’s difficult to create concise yet captivating copy, especially when a brand has many diverse products. To help make the FBX ad copy more compelling and personalized, we created a way to dynamically insert product information (for example, name or price) directly into the ad text.

The Initial Results

After comparing campaign results for advertisers who ran both standard creative and dynamic ads on FBX, we have seen a phenomenal average click-through-rate increase of 102% over the standard Facebook Exchange ads. And, since advertisers buy ad space on FBX on a cost per impression basis, generating twice as many clicks results in a cost per click (CPC) that is cut in half.

Dynamic Ads on FBX

Here’s what one of our customers, Indochino, had to say:

“We were thrilled to try dynamic creatives on FBX as we’ve had great initial success on the platform. We’ve seen even greater click-through rates using this technology and, as a result, our overall cost-per-click on FBX campaigns has decreased.”
– Michael Macintyre, director of online marketing at Indochino

Facebook Exchange enables brands to smartly reconnect with potential customers via the most visited website in the world. Dynamic creatives make FBX retargeting even more effective by delivering highly-personalized dynamic messaging. The initial results from dynamic creatives on FBX are extremely promising, and we’re looking forward to expanding this offering to all of our FBX customers.

Learn more about dynamic creatives on Facebook Exchange.