Two weeks ago, we announced a Facebook ads game-changer. Because of our status as a FBX Qualified Company, we were able to bring retargeting to the News Feed, the most premium location on Facebook. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that we’re opening up this powerful new feature to all existing AdRoll customers. Advertisers of all sizes can now create News Feed campaigns right in your self-service dashboard or with the help of your Account Manager. If you’re not currently a customer, don’t panic! We’ll be opening up this functionality to new advertisers shortly.


Retargeting in the News Feed has proved itself the killer app of Facebook advertising. We’ve run campaigns for over 40 advertisers in our initial launch, and are seeing impressive results. We’re finding CTRs to be in the single digit percentages vs fractions of a percent – orders of magnitude larger than standard FBX ads. Based on this data and refinement of the new functionality, we’re ready to roll it out to a broader audience.

From our own dogfooding (or champagne-drinking, as it were), we quickly learned that one of the key benefits to these units, aside from premium placement and incredible response, is the social aspect. Unlike other retargeting ads, retargeted News Feed ads incorporate Facebook’s share, comment, and like functionalities. This gives you the ability to get additional free viral distribution of your ads as people interact, and your message gets distributed through their activity feed.


For example, our call-to-action inviting those who saw our ad to “comment to let us know if you’re excited about News Feed retargeting” yielded more comments and likes than any other post on our page. Click-through-rates might have been a good indicator of an ad’s efficacy in the past, but likes and comments bring a whole new measurement of success for performance oriented campaigns. We’ll be sure to share further insights over the next couple of weeks!

For existing customers who want to add News Feed to their campaigns, simply navigate to the create campaign page and select “Retargeting in News Feed” to launch your self-service FBX News Feed campaign.

Self Service ScreenshotFor more information, visit our Support Center.