Every experienced marketer knows it takes a lot of time and resources to create fresh, beautiful ads for a campaign. What should the design look like? What will it say? And once you’ve formed a clear vision for ad strategy, execution is still a challenge. You may spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to create them yourself, or spend money to have them made for you.

Our data team dug deeper to validate this and uncovered an astonishing fact – 15% of our self service advertisers only have 1 ad unit, even though having our 5 recommended ad sizes improves conversion rate by 7x. This means many of our advertisers are missing a big opportunity to supercharge their conversions–all due to lack of ad creatives!

So we set out to simplify the ad creation process to help advertisers focus on their marketing strategy instead of execution. Enter our new service, Design Squad.

Design Squad is AdRoll’s network of expert designers who combine their creative experience and best practices to create beautiful ads for advertisers at no additional costs.


Advertisers simply need to provide us with:

  • Destination URL
  • Branding guidelines
  • Logo

… and you’ll have a complete set of web ads, handcrafted to your brand and your website by our team of designers. For free! We even automatically upload it into your campaign so you can get started in no time.

You might ask why we’re giving out ads for free. Well, it just makes sense for our customers. Many of our self-service advertisers are too busy growing their businesses to spend much time and resources on making ad designs–even though it’s a big driver of campaign performance. With Design Squad, all AdRoll advertisers will be empowered with access to high-quality ads. The more ads you have, the more your campaign can get in front of your customers and increase performance.

A Retargeting campaign with 1 ad may reach just 20% of potential users, but a campaign with 5 ads could reach more than 80% of the users. The reason is that having multiple ad sizes increases the number of opportunities we have to reach your visitors. In addition, by having multiple ads, you can avoid ad fatigue and ensure that what users see are fresh and new. With more opportunities, BidIQ (our intelligent, real-time bidding algorithm) will be able to cherry pick the opportunities that will drive the best performance. That translates into more conversions and stronger ROI for you.

Our beta program was hugely impactful to our customers and here is what a few had to say about it.

1“When our in house design resources are stretched it’s nice to have the expertise of AdRoll’s design team to support our efforts in continuously optimizing our ads for better ad performance.” said Kari Schroeder, Online Marketing Coordinator for DiscoverOrg.



3“Adroll has helped our customers gain professionally designed ads for their retargeting campaigns, without any additional cost for the creative designs … we effectively have had dozens of ads designed for some of our full service client accounts and I must say that all of the ads look and perform extremely well. This new service helps free up some of our networks valuable time, by eliminating the needed time to design multiple sized creatives for each of our clients campaigns. We are happy with the new service and our clients are happy with the designs and performance of the ads, so its a WIN WIN in my book!” said Steven Milone, Founder of Real Time Local Advertising Network

Need I say more? Launch a campaign and get instant access to our Design Squad right on your dashboard or read more about Design Squad on our support center.