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Retargeting on Facebook has been a huge hit over the past 18+ months with advertisers adopting in droves and folding it into their broader, always-on retargeting programs. Recognizing these impressive adoption rates, Facebook now offers two ways for marketers to retarget their website audiences on Facebook: via Facebook Exchange (FBX) and with Web Custom Audiences (WCA). Some Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs) offer access to WCA, select partners offer FBX, but only a handful can do both.

At first glance, the similarities between Facebook’s two products can cause some confusion. This has raised questions from many of our customers and prospects, who want to know where to go to meet their various marketing objectives.

AdRoll was one of the alpha partners on both FBX and WCA and we’re now using both methods to help thousands of advertisers retarget their audiences across Facebook. Each method has unique strengths which can be leveraged together or separately depending on campaign objectives.

Facebook Exchange (FBX)

Let’s start with FBX. The first and most significant advantage is the availability of real-time bidding (RTB). RTB gives you access to a host of helpful key AdRoll features:

  1. Advanced segmentation: bidding differentially based on products viewed, and pages viewed
  2. Retroactive segmentation: the ability to have segments pre-populated with users even if the segment was just created
  3. Predictive buying: bidding differentially at the user-level based on predicted value.

The second key advantage of FBX is the availability of dynamic creative, which enables advertisers to show specific products in the ad, like exact products users viewed, top-selling products, and personalized recommendations based on browsing history. AdRoll’s dynamic creative technology typically boosts CTRs and conversion rates by 50–200%.

Finally, only FBX allows granular conversion reporting, where advertisers can receive reporting on the exact value of attributed conversions based on information passed from their conversion pixel. This is most commonly used for shopping cart values, SKUs, timestamps, identifying repeat buyers, etc.

Website Custom Audiences

There are a few capabilities available only to WCA, the most important of which is access to Facebook’s mobile and tablet audiences. WCA also allows advertisers to overlay their site retargeting campaigns with Facebook data like email addresses, FB IDs, phone numbers, demographic data, pages liked, and more.

Customer Case Study: Twice

Twice is an online second-hand apparel company that started running with AdRoll last year with dynamic creatives via FBX. Results were strong but they were looking to scale further. Now, Twice has appropriated additional budget for mobile app install ads, targeting users who viewed products on liketwice.com and prompting them to download the Twice app. Managing both retargeting strategies through a single platform is more efficient, more convenient, and more effective for Twice.

There are over 15,000 advertisers just like Twice who rely on AdRoll to manage their mobile and desktop objectives. Whether you’re one of them or just considering joining us, we hope this infographic helps to show how to achieve your marketing objectives on Facebook.