Remember that time you had to call your credit card company to dispute a charge, but kept getting transferred? Or, how about that nettlesome customer service rep you dealt with when trying to return Aunt Suzie’s thoughtful Christmas gift because, let’s face it, you’re not going to watch “Batman Forever” on VHS?


Ironically, interactions with customer service representatives often leave us unsatisfied with the one thing we’re supposed to receive, customer service. At AdRoll, we aspire to provide more than just service, we go all out to Delight! Our Customer Delight team’s main focus is providing swift and insightful, data-driven solutions. This concept helps us arm thousands of clients with the knowledge they need to effectively carry out marketing campaigns.

So, how have we refined our strategy to provide the best Customer Delight experience in the world? Focusing only on speed can give way to poor quality responses. Providing responses that are too in-depth can be overwhelming for answer-seekers, and result in wasted time explaining unnecessary information. Aside from standard cost-benefit analysis, we closely monitor three key metrics to ensure we’re delighting customers efficiently.

SpotlightOnDelight1Quickly letting our customers know that we’re here for them, while providing them with actionable and constructive solutions is a high priority.  Throughout the past year, we set out to reply to each of the whopping 12,000 inquiries within one business day.

We not only achieved our one business day reply goal, but through the end-of-year holidays (notorious for overwhelming volume thanks to last minute online shoppers like dear Aunt Suzie), we fully resolved our customer’s questions in slightly over your typical 24-hour day. This covers business days, holidays, and weekends. Not bad for a small San Francisco team with big ambition.

SpotlightOnDelight2A crucial element to evaluate when scaling support is solving issues in only one response. It’s not that we don’t love shooting the breeze with our awesome customers all day. We simply find that they prefer swift and practical solutions.

Of the remaining 17% of instances that required two or more responses, a portion were the result of delighted customers thanking us for the helpful support. You’re welcome.


While we’ve set lofty goals internally, we feel that both good and bad feedback scores yield value. The former carries evidence of hard work and accurate resolutions, while the latter gives us insight into areas we can improve upon.  So, coming in under 100% in 2012 hasn’t been the end of the world (nice try Mayans).

We’re proud to have a high rate of success in aiding our customers. However, we’re even more excited to better meet the needs of the remaining 8% moving forward.

Hope you found this glimpse into what drives Delight helpful. Now, hold tight until our next post – we’ve got to get back to our customers.