Here’s a scary statistic: 80% of promotional emails are never opened. While email marketing has never been more popular, advertisers find that their messages are increasingly lost in the volume of material flowing into customer inboxes.

What if you could leverage your customer emails in a way that didn’t involve an inbox?

With AdRoll, you can use an email list to create segments, then reach those segments with web and Facebook ads. Whether you’re using an email service like MailChimp, a CRM platform like Salesforce, or even storing customer purchase history in an excel spreadsheet, CRM data onboarding allows you to upload your email lists and serve those customers ads on the web and Facebook.

CRM retargeting _new-01We’ve seen early customers use this capability to target audiences who were formerly impossible to define and reach online. Here are some ways you might use CRM email lists to enhance your online campaigns.

  • Target in-store buyers and event attendees. Use an email address collected in-store (“Would you like your receipt emailed to you?”) or at an industry event to create previously impossible-to-create online segments from offline data.
  • Engage email prospects. Export a list from your email campaign of people who opened an offer email. Or, to my point above, those who didn’t.
  • Reach seasonal customers. You know your business better than anyone. We’ve seen customers leverage their buyer history to target previous holiday shoppers (hello Valentine’s Day!), expired subscription-holders, season ticket-buyers, potential college applicants, registered voters, tech B2B leads, and more.

Our favorite use case was an offline-to-online campaign for Kiehl’s, where we targeted their in-store convertors for repeated sales. Using a combination of website data and CRM email lists, AdRoll drove a 3.8x ROI for Kiehl’s.

“AdRoll introduced us to the possibilities of retargeting. They let us target our audience online in a way we couldn’t with traditional display ads,” said Jordan Yuck, ecommerce digital marketing at Kiehl’s. “With AdRoll’s CRM data onboarding, we were able to extend the reach of our database beyond the inbox.”

Log in to your AdRoll dashboard or sign up for free today, and create your first CRM segment!

To learn more about best practices for CRM retargeting, download our strategy guide: How to take your retargeting to the next level.

Note: Web campaigns targeting CRM segments are still in beta outside of the US.