How often do you start something but can’t finish because something else needs your attention? All the time, right? At AdRoll, we decided to embrace life in the fast lane, and make things even easier for our busy advertisers.

A lot of our advertisers begin setting up a campaign, but when they’re interrupted, they can’t complete the process. The next time the advertiser logs in, she would have to start all over again.

We thought, why not make this easier?

That’s why we now allow you to resume the campaign setup process from where you had to drop off. Just log in, click “Resume Setup” and continue as if you never stopped in the first place. If only everything in life were this convenient!


So don’t worry about finding the time to set up an entire campaign in one sitting. Just log in in and start your new campaign. And if you’re not able to finish it, don’t worry! We save your work so you can restart where you left off.

Ready to try it out? Start a New Campaign today!