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One of the most frequent questions that advertisers ask is: “My site has x number of visitors. So, what should my budget be?”

It sounds like a great question to be asked, but the answer is far more complicated than you might think. If we suggest a low budget, the advertiser could lose out on potential conversions and hence not make as much money as could be made with a better budget. On the other hand, if we suggest a budget that is too high, we run the risk of not spending the full budget (this budget is usually acquired after tedious justification process between the marketing manager and the CFO and unspent budget this quarter might mean reduced budget allocation for next quarter).

Hence, as part of an AdRoll hack day idea, today’s feature spotlight, Budget Calculator, was conceived. Our goal was to empower every single AdRoll advertiser to easily get access to a consultation-like-feature where our tool can smartly recommend a budget based on a website’s number of unique users. 


The burning question now is,  “How do we figure out what budget to suggest?”

We trained a predictive model across multiple time frames and averaged out the results to get to a correlating relationship between uniques visited and spend. With this new budget calculator tool, our advertisers can set aside the right budget at the beginning of the quarter to get the maximum number of conversions. At the same time, they won’t be left with a large unspent money in the budget. Go ahead and play around with this tool and let us know what you think.

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