When you develop an industry-leading real-time bidding engine, you grow strong machine-learning muscles. Until now those muscles have been focused on driving ROI-positive display campaigns for our 25,000 advertisers around the globe.

This year we unleashed them on email, and the results have been incredible. Since launching our programmatic email product SendRoll in March, we’ve grown from 700 customers to more than 4,500—meaning that nearly 20% of our customers have signed up to leverage AdRoll for both display and email marketing.

How did we get here? By focusing on performance, usability, and cooperation.


Email has always been a high-performance channel. We’ve taken it to a new level by bringing the best of programmatic display to email.

On average, we have seen that SendRoll customers enjoy open rates of 50-60%, and click-through rates between 10-20%. That’s 2-3 times the performance of the average email newsletter campaign.

Driving ROI-positive display campaigns requires the ability to predict how likely a given user is to take a desired action paired with the ability to recommend the right creative to that user. We’ve brought that tech to email by applying BidIQ and product recommendations—the science and art behind SendRoll.

BidIQ is AdRoll’s predictive bidding algorithm, and it powers SendRoll, ensuring that you’re only sending emails to your most high-value customers.

SendRoll now supports Product Recommendations, ensuring that each email is personalized to the recipient based on their behavior on your site. In other words, we’ve extended dynamic creative to email. It’s a powerful way to drive more sales.

Our customers are seeing great results so far:   

“SendRoll has lifted conversions and been a great return on investment. The ability to send a customer a direct push of their browsing history creates a very timely, very relevant message of the products that we have to offer. With an open rate of 47 percent, SendRoll has proved that customers are looking for this reminder,” said Seth Weisblatt, chief marketing officer of Sam’s Furniture & Appliances.


AdRoll didn’t invent retargeting; we made it ubiquitous. In 2008, we saw that it was an incredibly effective tool for huge retailers, and we focused on stripping away complexity to bring this powerful channel to brands of all sizes. We set out to build a platform that is as approachable as it is powerful, and now have 25,000 customers who rely on AdRoll as a major piece of their marketing stack.

In 2016 we did the same in the email space. In launching SendRoll, we brought personalized, trigger-based email capabilities to brands of all sizes. We stripped away complexity, making setup take a matter of minutes—not weeks. In fact, if you’re already an AdRoll customer, you can be running personalized, trigger-based email campaigns without ever talking to a developer. And if you’re new to AdRoll, all you need to do is place our tag. We handle the rest:

  • We programmatically build optimized emails for you based on your most effective display ads, meaning you don’t need to spend any time building templates if you don’t want to (we also support customer HTML or template import from your email service provider of choice).
  • Our intelligence engine identifies the right people to target with the right email, meaning you don’t have to spend time managing lists.
  • We automatically handle the frequency and volume of emails a given user may see, resulting in low unsubscription rates.


SendRoll isn’t designed to solve all of your email problems, and it isn’t meant to replace your existing email providers. Most SendRoll customers continue to use their email vendor of choice for newsletters and general marketing outreach. SendRoll solves a very specific problem: bringing people back to your site to get them to convert.

As a result, we offer our customers the option to integrate SendRoll with products like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor. This allows you to manage unsubscriptions across these products, or import your best email templates or assets into SendRoll.

If you’re ready to extend the power of the AdRoll Retargeting engine to email, check out SendRoll.com. If you’re already a customer, try the new product recommendations today.