The goal of our platform has always been to make it easy to launch marketing campaigns that work. And with our newest BidIQ iteration, BidIQ Mozart, we’re taking our campaigns to the next level—with better performance, more campaign control, and greater reach into your customers’ cross-device activity—so you can focus on the things that really matter.

BidIQ powers all of our products behind the scenes—including Retargeting, Prospecting, and SendRoll. With the latest version of our proprietary algorithm, our dedicated team of data science engineers incorporated more learnings into our algorithm so you can get highly-optimized performance from your campaigns.

We’ve improved the BidIQ algorithm in three main ways:

  • Goal-based campaign optimization: Drive performance that meets your business goals by customizing your bid strategy. Bid strategies let you harness all the data science and algorithms behind BidIQ to solve for the specific marketing KPI that matters to your business.
  • Roughly 25% better performance: We’ve continued to improve our core predictive models across all devices to drive a roughly 25% lower average CPC than when BidIQ Chopin was released last November.
  • Intelligent mobile reach: As the time customers spend on mobile now represents a majority of their digital media consumption, it’s become increasingly important for customers to reach their users on their phones. With BidIQ Mozart, we’ve improved how we bid on mobile to make sure you not only get scale on mobile—2x the mobile share of voice—but, more importantly, that we’re continuing to drive performance. Additionally, with our newest algorithm tapping into our cross-device graph, which continues to grow by hundreds of customers each week, we can more intelligently map the customer journey across devices.

While this is our third iteration on BidIQ, we have ambitious plans to bring our customers even better performance and insight into their customers’ purchase journeys in the future.


  1. Comparing CPC data from week of BidIQ Chopin launch (11/15) to week of BidIQ Mozart launch.
  2. Comparing mobile share of voice data from Jan 2016 to May 2016.