Display is evolving, and retargeting is now very much in the main stream.  Brands are starting to recognize that this technology is another mandatory arrow in their marketing quiver.  The reality is that retargeting greatly strengthens your other marketing efforts, and more and more brands are recognizing that.  Because of this shift, we decided to overhaul our marketing pages.  Previously, we focused our attention on educating potential customers on how retargeting works.  Now, we are focused on showing customers why we are the best retargeting platform in the industry.

Our new marketing pages highlight the fact that we have the most advanced features out there.  From advanced segmentation with a single pixel, to scientific A/B testing, we are leading the pack when it comes to retargeting solutions.  Each product or feature has it’s own page highlighting its’ benefits.  We’ve created informational / educational screen-casts for many of our products, allowing customers to see what they’ll be getting once they sign up with AdRoll.  Check out the new features and then dive into the specific areas from there.

We’ve also updated our FAQ section.  One of the benefits of adding live chat to our site has been that we get to really see what questions continuously arise. Now our FAQ contains very helpful information, and should make the user experience even smoother.  We are going to continue improving our support section in the coming weeks, but I think this was a great first step.

Finally, we’ve streamlined our navigation quite a bit over the past month.  Both the dashboard nav and the marketing layer nav have gotten overhauls.  Everything is much more accessible and intuitive as a result. Take it for a spin and let me know what you think.
– Greg

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