The core of the AdRoll mission has always been to solve for digital marketers’ everyday problems with an intuitive, high-performance marketing platform. We’ve done this by putting ten years worth of research and development into everything from AdRoll BidIQ, the artificial intelligence that fuels our bidding technology and helps marketers take advantage of when a customer’s intent is highest, to the world’s largest cross-device graph—the AdRoll IntentMap.

This mission has lead to our newest offering—AdRoll ABM. For many marketers, specifically our business-to-business (B2B) clients, the challenges associated with converting leads can be quite complex. These include long sales cycles, platforms that can’t readily pass data to one another, minimal visibility into the touch points along a customer journey, and prioritization on sheer lead volume rather than specific, qualified, target account lists.

These complexities are often made tougher when there’s little agreement between marketing and sales on which accounts or goals will help drive business impact.

With AdRoll ABM, B2B marketers will finally have a platform built to overcome industry-specific challenges. With our CRM connectors—like our recently announced Marketo Connectoras the foundation, B2B marketers can now:

  • Target key accounts: Go after the leads that get sales teams excited and drive the most impact for your business. Marketers can onboard your CRM to target ads to desired personas.
  • Personalize at scale: Accelerate pipeline revenue with ads automatically tailored by sales stage, role, industry, and more, to nurture your key contacts
  • Measure your impact: Show off the influence of your marketing efforts on each contact’s journey—all in your CRM.

“With 10 years of research and development in our bidding technology, we saw an opportunity to leverage that capability with marketers who were looking to target very specific accounts as a part of their ABM strategy,” said Peter Clark, head of B2B product at AdRoll. “We already serve over 16,000 B2B customers and saw a need to create a full-funnel solution customized to their complex, high-ROI pipeline. The B2B marketer faces many challenges, but with AdRoll ABM, finding the right solution to identify valuable leads will not be one of them.”

And AdRoll customers have already been seeing successful results with AdRoll ABM. PagerDuty, the leader in digital operations management, was quickly able to use AdRoll ABM to uplevel marketing and sales efforts with specific, actionable insights. “AdRoll has proven to be a very successful part of our marketing mix. I can now turn to my boss and know exactly who engaged in an ad view, requested a download that led to a conversion event, and who became a customer,” said Paul Suway, senior demand manager at PagerDuty. “We can also now arm our sales team with more actionable data such as which content leads to more deals closing.”

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