If you’re in charge of attracting and eventually converting new customers, there is a high chance that you’re inundated with a variety of strategies and options to maximize ROI. However, managing these efforts across different tabs and vendors can be extremely time-consuming and inefficient.

Today, you can combine the power of AdRoll’s display & Facebook advertising with a brand new inventory source: email. We recently launched SendRoll, an email retargeting tool that will work with, or without, your existing email marketing providers.

At AdRoll, we’re on a mission to empower marketers. We aim to help them meet, and improve, their acquisition and conversion goals with our full suite of products.

Email retargeting may not be something you’ve given much thought to. Or, maybe you’re currently relying on totally different marketing tools to meet your goals.

Regardless, we can show that combining AdRoll retargeting with SendRoll can increase customer conversions. In fact, AdRoll client AMain recently saw over 1900 conversions, a 775% increase, when adding SendRoll to their marketing strategy. With these two products, businesses can understand performance across various inventory sources. In fact, SendRoll was created by leveraging data from years of retargeting machine learning technology.

Bottom line: With average open rates at 50-60% and click-through rates between 10-20%, you’re missing a significant portion of converting customers by ignoring your email retargeting strategy.

“But wait, I already have an email provider, why do I need this?”

SendRoll is not just another email provider. SendRoll sits in a unique place in the market since it offers value that works with or without your existing email provider. It is one of the only products that acts as a first party email provider—giving marketers the ability to target customers that visit their site directly.

We’re also able to work directly with marketers’ existing email campaigns and can apply frequency caps to protect their brand— to help ensure users won’t get bombarded with emails.

What you get with SendRoll:

  1. Way more flexibility: You don’t have to conform to a set of rules that ESP’s pre-determine or configure.  
  2. A simplified set-up process & single sign-on: No site implementation or integration work up front. If you’re already an AdRoll customer, we use one pixel that collects emails—meaning you only have to log into the platform once. We can get you up and running in less than 10 minutes without you having to bug your developer or product manager.
  3. The ability to target more than just cart abandoners: SendRoll does more than just abandoned cart triggers. You’ll have a much wider set of choices on other email retargeting triggers like site abandonment and can create a variety of full site action triggers that are proven to work better than just a cart abandonment feature.
  4. Advanced audience segmentation: With SendRoll, you automatically have access to AdRoll’s audience segment tools. That means any AdRoll customer can run advanced audience segmentation and syndicate your display segments in real time.
  5. Personalize your message: Target your customer with personalized triggers and precise messages based on a number of different actions taken.
  6. A/B testing: You can A/B test different email campaigns to learn more about what’s resonating with your customers. This is a great way to create more precise and targeted messages that drive higher conversions.
  7. Product recommendations: Our algorithm accounts for user behavior and website data—recommending products that a visitor will most likely be interested in. In other words, we optimize by weighing your visitor’s specific interest on your site against the products that we know perform the best.
  8. Transparent & low cost: We charge one rate, and are up front about that. Meaning there’s no black box here.  We don’t charge for implementation or set-up costs, and no long-term contracts are required to use SendRoll.
  9. We integrate with your existing SaaS email providers like MailChimp,  Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor: You’ll have the power to manage both merge tags and unsubscribe lists through integrations with your newsletter provider if you’re using Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor or MailChimp.
  10. Target retroactive subscribers and second-time shoppers: You can target email addresses from an existing newsletter that goes out to users or by using your email service provider.
  11. Pre-Populated templates: Optimized templates provide sleek emails with drag & drop editing. With our templates, you have the option to fully customize emails according to your brand.

Not yet ready for SendRoll but think you might be later?

If you’re not yet ready to get started with SendRoll, but think it might make sense in the future, opt in today. By doing this, we can start capturing your customer email addresses from day one. When you’re ready to launch, you’ll have a database of email addresses to choose from—meaning better conversion rates and improved ROI all around.

With Sendroll, you can track what motivates your audience and gather insights about them.This also informs how you should build out your product.

Listen to our latest webinar on SendRoll to learn more.