BLOG-0084 adroll_shopifyTo sell things, you have to let people know that you’re selling. Seems obvious, right? However, it’s not always an easily accomplished feat.

For this reason, we’re excited to announce an integration with e-commerce platform Shopify, which will provide an easy solution for Shopify entrepreneurs to reach more customers intelligently across devices on the web, mobile, and social media.

This integration makes sense: Shopify has worked to even the playing field for entrepreneurs of all sizes, serving over 175,000 individual stores for tens of millions of shoppers each year. Likewise, AdRoll has worked to democratize customer data and ad technology, which was previously reserved for enterprises with a wealth of resources. Connecting with high-quality partners to improve customer experience is something AdRoll really prioritizes. It only made sense to extend our easy-to-use offering to all Shopify store owners, regardless of their size or technical resources.

Uniquely for Shopify, we’ve created a radically more seamless experience for store advertisers. In one click, you’ll get all of the required features installed in your online store to run retargeting campaigns—no developer experience required.

Solving for shopping cart abandonment

Best of all, AdRoll for Shopify automatically breaks down your target audiences, so you can run campaigns that are segmented by the customer’s level of interest. This means you can choose to show ads to visitors that have made it to the shopping cart, specific product pages, or upsell and cross-sell someone who has made a purchase.

Using targeted campaigns to win back window shoppers and shopping cart abandoners is a huge opportunity. On average, around 70% of all e-commerce shopping carts are abandoned. This year, more than $4 trillion worth of product will be left behind and is expected to increase according to BI Intelligence. AdRoll for Shopify directly addresses this, helping store owners recover lost sales and drive brand awareness.

And customers agree with the performance. Michelle Harpin, President of Echo Club House, finds the dashboard easy to use and time-saving, averaging nearly 5x ROI (return on investment) on her campaigns. “For us, the ROI on AdRoll can’t be beat! AdRoll has proven to be an effective way to keep the conversation going with our customers once they find us.  Retargeting helps us keep up to date with our girl once she discovers us,” she said.

The CEO of SprogsFresh, Ching-Yee, is very familiar with AdRoll—she’s business partners with Sarika (who is married to AdRoll CEO, Aaron Bell). But that’s not the only why she’s a fan; she uses AdRoll and Shopify to free up her resources for bigger business strategy:

“I count on AdRoll and Shopify. They’ve helped me scale my business and save time and resources. I use Shopify to run my e-commerce website and AdRoll to engage website visitors and bring them back to become customers. Best of all, these intuitive platforms have let me focus on sharing delicious and fresh food with the world.”

Getting started

To get started on AdRoll, visit our app store page or create a new account on the AdRoll website. From there, upload your ads and begin running campaigns across the web, mobile, and social media to re-engage the people that have bounced from your website.



Questions? Visit our relevant Support Center pages on our AdRoll Shopify integration and launching campaigns.