Finding new customers online is hard. Existing tools are expensive, complicated, or even worse, a total black box. Factor in the cost of targeting data and accessing large scale audiences, and there are virtually no good, cost-effective options to attract new customers.

Until now.

I’d like to introduce AdRoll Prospecting, a path to new, valuable customers for your products and services.

AdRoll Prospecting is built to work side by side with AdRoll Retargeting to address the entire customer lifecycle, from awareness to conversion. AdRoll Retargeting is the most widely used solution of its kind because it helps businesses convert more people who show initial interest. Now, AdRoll Prospecting solves the problem of finding new customers and introducing them to your products or services for the first time.

Just like AdRoll Retargeting, it all starts with intent data. When people are interested in one product or service, they are frequently excellent candidates for another complementary product or service. We see this in the data as hundreds of millions of users visit multiple advertisers in the AdRoll ecosystem. This represents a huge opportunity for everyone using the platform.

The challenge is in giving marketers the control to transparently and safely access this data set. To address this challenge, we’ve created IntentMap, the largest pool of opt-in intent data with more than 1,000 advertisers already participating.

AdRoll Prospecting gives marketers who opt-in access to this proprietary data set with a targeting model powered by algorithms that crunch all the pooled data to find people who act like their existing customers.

With the aid of IntentMap, AdRoll Prospecting solves several key problems that exist with the customer acquisition solutions available today. First, we eliminate the guesswork associated with demographic or other vague targeting models, and focus on finding customers who are actually in market to buy your product or service.

Secondly, instead of having to buy targeting data, which often throws off the ROI equation, marketers get access simply by opting in their own data. This process of exchanging existing data for access to new audiences totally changes the math to allow for profitable new customer acquisition.

We’re rolling out AdRoll Prospecting carefully because we want to ensure that customers who choose to opt-in get access to a best possible customer audience. For existing AdRoll Retargeting customers nothing changes. However, if you’re interested in trying AdRoll Prospecting and opting-in to the IntentMap, please fill out the form here, and we’ll follow up and see if you’re a good fit.

AdRoll Prospecting is available in BETA in the US and APAC.