Numerous crazy industry insiders have predicted 2014 will be the year of mobile, and we couldn’t agree more. So today we are excited to announce the first of many product advancements designed to help marketers solve the new challenges presented by a multi-screen world.

Over the past year we’ve spent a lot of time talking to our customers about how mobile devices are impacting their business. We wanted to know how consumer intent was different on a smartphone compared to a tablet or laptop. We needed to understand how marketers think about the customer journey and how these new devices and screen sizes are altering their strategy.

What we found is that marketers are seeking a holistic approach to that customer journey. Marketers know that it’s not enough to understand how users are interacting with their brands on mobile devices. They need to know what a user does when they move from the phone to the desktop, and vice versa. A stand-alone mobile strategy isn’t enough, and using different vendors to account for every device type is both impractical and ineffective.


That’s why we are rolling out a cross-device approach to retargeting. We don’t look at this as simply a mobile product launch, but rather as a step in our evolution towards becoming the cross-device platform for every marketer. It’s our job to help our marketers collect intent signals, understand them, and then reach their most qualified customers wherever they are most likely to take the desired action. That approach is device-agnostic, and now our platform is as well.

We took real objectives from real marketers and found solutions. Our cross-device targeting is based on a definitive user ID. We are using the leading mobile formats on the platforms with the most mobile engagement to ensure that our customers can reach their customers wherever they spend their time.

This first release is unique in solving key challenges:

  • Driving app installs: Promote mobile apps by retargeting desktop audiences on mobile devices with app install ads that drive users to the iTunes App Store and Google Play.
  • Driving conversions on mobile-optimized sites: Increase mobile sales and lead conversions by driving desktop and mobile visitors to mobile sites and landing pages.
  • Providing a unified experience to reach users on Facebook and Twitter: AdRoll provides a single platform for data collection, segmentation, optimization, and transparent reporting.
  • Improving reach on Facebook, the most used mobile app in the US: According to Comscore, Facebook’s mobile app sees more unique visitors than any other. Drive audience engagement on mobile through Facebook Custom Audiences.
  • Reach Twitter’s highly mobile user base across devices: Expand reach to Twitter users through tailored audiences, no matter where they are. 76 percent of Twitter users log in via mobile device at least once every month.
  • Reach across the mobile web: Retarget mobile site visitors as they browse other mobile sites.

Sign up to get access to the limited beta. We are working hard to make this available for general release. And as I said, this is just the first of many advancements as we evolve into a cross-device platform, so look for more coming from us very soon.

– Greg