Today we’re announcing a direct integration with Marketo, one of the top marketing automation platforms in the industry. With just a few clicks, you can connect a Marketo account through the AdRoll UI and pull in your existing Marketo email lists. Once synced, the lists will automatically stay up to date as you add or remove emails.


By using these emails to define an audience for display ads, AdRoll can expand the reach of your existing campaigns by getting in front all of your users, not just the ones who opened an email (no-so-fun fact: 80% of promotional emails go unopened!).

Retargeting is a tried and true method in the ad tech space, but marketing tech companies are starting to invest in it as well. “At Marketo, we’re seeing the value that first party data brings to campaigns that leverage retargeting,” said Divya Dutt, Senior Program Manager at Marketo. “We’re now able to more effectively perform better ad personalization though these integrations.”

With this integration you can:

    • Save time with easy syncing and automatic segment updates
    • Personalize your ads using your first party data to deliver targeted creative messages
    • Serve a consistent message by mirroring customer segmentation between the two platforms

If you’re a current customer, check out the AdRoll Help Center for detailed instructions on how to get started right away.

For new customers, register for an AdRoll account to try it out today!