BLOG-0085_AdRoll_Instagram_200x200It’s appropriate that it’s #tbt on the day we announce AdRoll’s integration with another new and exciting inventory source. One of our core objectives is to help marketers leverage their customer data across devices and inventory sources, and we’re pleased to have a track record that demonstrates that we’re at the cutting edge of new integrations.

Today we’re announcing an important one: Introducing AdRoll for Instagram Beta.

Around the world, the prevalence of smartphones with high-quality cameras has spurred individuals to create, curate, and share content at an extraordinary pace—an incredible 1.8 billion photos a day. Instagram has become a mecca for this movement, accounting for 70 million photos contributed daily.

Marketers will soon be able to get in on the action and integrate seamlessly into Instagram feeds, engaging users with their own beautiful content and driving them to action.

Through the AdRoll for Instagram Beta, marketers will be able to:

  • Access new premium inventory that’s built to natively feature beautiful creative.
  • Reach a valuable millennial audience where they’re primed to engage with content they trust.
  • Target smarter by leveraging existing segments and exclusion rules across the web, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from one place with easy setup.
  • Gain deeper insights and take action quickly from our unified dashboard, which offers transparent reporting across Prospecting and Retargeting campaigns.

Instagram is one of the largest untapped premium inventory sources available, with over 300 million global users. Initial data points on performance are very strong, and the days of ads on Instagram are very early. We’re excited to partner with our customers to develop new best practices for a social media platform that has already become so ingrained in our culture. For AdRoll, the integration with Instagram highlights our commitment to continue to provide our customers with early access to emerging inventory sources and technologies.

We’re currently opening the AdRoll for Instagram Beta to a very limited number of customers. Please contact your AdRoll account manager if you’re interested in joining!

If you’re not already an AdRoll customer, sign up here to get more information and start rolling with us today!