unnamedIt’s easy to make the case for retargeting on mobile: the advertisers who do it see 23% more clicks and 8% more conversions. Compelling as that is, 46% of marketers aren’t retargeting on mobile yet. Why? 1 in 5 of them are holding out for a better user experience.

Today, we’re bringing increased personalization to mobile retargeting by making the AdRoll dynamic creative solution available on Facebook’s mobile News Feed.

It’s the perfect pairing of intuitive interface and high-performing ads. The addictively easy-to-use Facebook app consistently ranks as the world’s most popular mobile application. Dynamic creative, which uses a website visitor’s behavior to target them with products tailored to their shopping patterns, boosts click-through rates by up to 115% and provides up to 44% lift in ROI over static retargeting.

What is dynamic creative?

We all know that advertising is competitive, and it doesn’t take long for creative messaging to lose relevancy. Over 80% of consumers say that the last online ad they saw wasn’t relevant to them. AdRoll’s dynamic creative lets brands easily re-engage their site visitors with ads featuring previously-viewed, recommended, or top products—across the web, Facebook, and, now, the Facebook mobile app.

Who doesn’t like stronger performance?

The early results of dynamic ads on mobile are promising. On average, clients who use dynamic ads on Facebook’s mobile News Feed see over 120% lift in total click-through rate compared to Facebook ads on desktop alone.

What sets AdRoll’s dynamic creative apart?

We’ve had a long history of refining our dynamic ad technology to drive optimal performance for your campaigns. Here’s a look at some key features that set AdRoll apart:

    • Easy setup, massive reach: All clients have to do is deliver a complete product feed, and we’ll serve personalized dynamic creative to audiences on Facebook (both desktop and mobile), Google, and over 500 other networks and exchanges. Check out our product feed guidelines to learn more about accepted formats.
    • Flexible creative optimization: AdRoll’s dedicated dynamic creative team will help design, configure, and troubleshoot your campaigns.
    • Recommendations engine:  Dynamic creative can be a great upsell opportunity. Our advanced recommendations engine automatically displays the products that are most likely to generate a conversion based on previous viewing history. However, we also provide the control to tune the product recommendation algorithm based on your specific campaign goals: win new customer, or upsell existing.

To learn how to set up cross-device AdRoll’s solution for Facebook dynamic ads, reach out to your account manager or email delight@adroll.com today.

Don’t forget to check out our strategy guide for everything you need to know about retargeting on Facebook: Retargeting on Facebook by the Numbers.