Like a master composer relentlessly perfecting a symphony, AdRoll is continuously improving its proprietary bidding algorithm, BidIQ, to deliver pitch perfect results for customers. The latest version of BidIQ, code-named Beethoven, incorporates hundreds of new attributes to our model, driving more accurate performance predictions, and as a result, calculates more efficient bids for all of our customers.

The Beethoven release includes variables that have increased performance by leaps and bounds. One compelling example is enhanced viewability modeling, which allowed us to raise our ad viewability by 37 percent according to Media Rating Council (MRC) accredited vendors.

We also added several features that drove a staggering 46 percent increase in CTR over the past 6 months. BidIQ tunes its precise bid based on the hundreds of factors it sees with each impression by looking at the interaction between those variables and advertisers’ individual campaigns.

Here are some cases where BidIQ works to drive more efficient performance:

  • Does your lunch delivery ad get better CTR during lunch time in the US? BidIQ will automatically bid higher during that time.
  • Does your B2B tech ad have low CTR on mobile devices? BidIQ will tune the bids lower on mobile devices so that it can spend more money on converting desktop users.
  • Does a particular ad space have a very high viewability score, and has the user placed an item in the shopping cart but didn’t convert? BidIQ will try to win that impression with a high bid, automagically.

The Strength of Our Data

All predictive engines rely on the size and quality of the data they use to train their algorithm.

As the largest retargeting platform with 20,000 advertisers across all verticals, AdRoll is uniquely positioned to learn about which sorts of ads perform the best within any context, factoring in such variables as time of day, geographic location, and device used to access, among many others.

Further than that, we’re learning about how these variables interact with each specific campaign, so that we’re tuning our bids to each customers’ unique audience.

BidIQ inforgraphic

Beethoven is the most sophisticated version of BidIQ yet, and it’s one of many that will follow in the coming quarters. Our team of data scientists is constantly working to improve BidIQ to drive even more efficient results for customers, so look forward to more releases in the months ahead.

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