In display advertising, data can be broken into two categories; targeting, and analytics. Targeting is the act of matching up your messaging with the right customer segments.  Analytics refers to how you measure the results of your actions.

Now more than ever, in order to create successful retargeting campaigns, you need to effectively marry both concepts. We call this intersection “actionable analytics”, and we believe it’s something that every marketer should be able to access.

As a result, we’re making a number of changes that will bring our customers even greater success in this area. With AdRoll, it’s already incredibly easy to slice and dice your customers into segments based on the pages they’ve visited, the products they’ve viewed, or how far down the funnel they’ve made it.  So, if you’re running a sale on men’s jackets, this allows you to find people who are likely to be interested in men’s jackets. That solves the “who to target” side of the equation.

What we’re finding is that the “when” is equally important.  When are your customers the most likely to convert?  What is the optimal time frame to target them with certain ads?  What is the average time between initial visit, first impression, first click, and conversion?

These are just some of the capabilities we’ll be adding in future releases.  Our back-end team is beefing up our data warehouse, so that we can interpret more data faster.  Our front-end team is driving towards an interface that makes these new metrics simple to act on.  The end result will be the best tools in the industry for marketers who need to make informed decisions that drive conversions.

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