Marketers are obsessed with customer insights. In the hunt to understand who’s visiting our site and buying our products, we perform a variety of time-consuming and complicated tasks—everything from coordinating focus groups to conducting surveys. We do this research not just to understand our existing customer base—but our potential customers too.

This is why we’re releasing our brand-new, Visitor Insights Report—your report for tangible, data-driven customer insights for new, potential customers that have engaged with your site from AdRoll Prospecting. This report helps you understand the characteristics of the new audiences you’re reaching with AdRoll Prospecting, and also gives you insights that can influence other campaigns outside of AdRoll.

This is a feature for AdRoll Prospecting users. Request to join our beta program here, or speak with your account manager.

For the uninitiated, AdRoll Prospecting is a customer acquisition product that connects you to high-quality audiences who are more likely to be interested in your product or service. To activate Prospecting, AdRoll customers must opt in their first-party data to the IntentMap™, a pool of intent-based data. Once an advertiser has opted-in, Prospecting goes to work by targeting and converting new users that have similar behavioral patterns to the business’ existing customers.   

Visitor Insight Reports Shows Your Users’ Value

The new Visitor Insights Report shows the value that new prospecting visitors bring to an advertiser’s site. Data points like income level, education attainment, and the types of sites they often visit can show you what kind of audience is receptive to your messaging. To explain how each part of the report works, we talked with Matt Kramer, AdRoll’s Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, about how the report helps him calibrate the campaigns he runs to attract new AdRoll users.

What does new visitor data show you?

BLOG-0103 insights

Matt: Prospecting campaigns need to be measured differently than retargeting campaigns. That is, you’re looking at new visitors, rather than customers who have visited your site before. This part of the reporting shows me how many new visitors we’re getting from our AdRoll Prospecting campaign—and what they cost.

What does income level and education data show you?

BLOG-0103 IncomeBLOG-0103_education

Matt: This helps me test this new traffic source to ensure I’m reaching quality audiences. This verifies that Prospecting is a good source of acquiring new users for my campaign because they’re pretty high income—almost 50 percent make more than $50,000. Since we’re trying to reach Directors of Marketing and CMOs, that’s a good indication that this campaign is reaching the right people.

How does learning what other websites users visit benefit you?

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Matt: This data essentially shows us that we’re reaching a highly relevant audience. Since AdRoll is a technology platform, this is showing that the potential customers we’ve reached with Prospecting have shown an interest in technology. It can also show us the other interests our visitors have. For example, knowing that our users are also into arts and marketing services can help us plan marketing campaigns and products at AdRoll as well as steer AdRoll advertiser’s overall advertising strategy, everywhere.

What does the user behavior data show you?

BLOG-0103 New Visitor

Matt: This helps me understand how well our mobile strategy is working. Additionally, I can see how many users click on our ads, compared to those who don’t click, but later visit our site. This data really helps support the benefit of view-through conversions on my site.

Don’t know how to access your new insight report? Click on the right-hand Actions tab in your Prospecting Dashboard to download and better understand your audience.

Dive into more on the Visitor Insights Report by visiting our Help Center.
If you want to learn more about the AdRoll Prospecting Beta, contact your AdRoll account manager or request beta access. Note that these reports are currently only available in English speaking countries.