It isn’t every day that you get to make an announcement like this: After months of hard work, deep analysis, and witty (and sometimes not-so witty) banter, Greg Fulton, Adam Berke, and I are thrilled to tell you that
The Retargeting Playbook is finally available.

When I first started at AdRoll eight months ago, Adam asked me what I thought of writing a book on retargeting. My immediate answer was, we absolutely have to do this. I’d spent over a decade in online marketing and knew first-hand the value retargeting drives for businesses. How could we not write this book? It was our opportunity to help marketers all over the world really harness the power of retargeting.

Along with Greg, AdRoll’s Head of Product, we set out to write a book that could be the definitive guide for strategies and best practices for successful retargeting programs. We spent years analyzing tens of thousands of campaigns, and then wrote the Playbook to be that guide.

The Retargeting Playbook is packed with a wealth of real-world retargeting experience, including case studies from leading brands like New Relic, Rickshaw Bags, Celeb Boutique, and Skullcandy. We’re confident that it will become an essential resource for marketers, advertisers, and media buyers in every industry.

We are extremely proud of The Retargeting Playbook. On behalf of Greg, Adam and myself, we want to thank everyone who made this book possible—our customers, partners, and fellow Rollers. We could never have done this without you.

Now for the shameless plug: If you want to be on the cutting edge of online marketing, order your copy today!