Today is a big day for AdRoll. We are excited to be adding Suresh Khanna as our new VP of Sales. Suresh joins us after nearly six years at Google, where he led and grew the North American new sales team for Google AdWords.

Before more on Suresh, it’s helpful to review the AdWords story. AdWords search advertising has been the to-date breakout success of all Internet marketing. It’s grown like a weed, now with millions of customers. Advertisers love AdWords because it’s measurable and has positive returns—you spend $1 and receive $5 in sales. AdWords works so well because Internet users type into Google’s search box the things they are most interested in. These queries comprise an incredibly powerful data set of people’s intentions for AdWords to match ads against.

If “intent”-rich data is so powerful, where else can you find it outside Google? Well, it’s lying dormant on your e-commerce site. As customers and prospects traverse your site, they’re checking out different pages, looking at different products, and exhibiting unique behaviors. Retargeting taps into this data set, allowing you to have a personalized dialogue with these customers after they leave your site. And just like AdWords, retargeting is measurable and incredibly profitable for advertisers. It’s the first killer app in all of display advertising.

As we searched for the right person to scale our sales efforts, Suresh quickly became our #1 draft pick. The reasons are obvious. He has unprecedented experience in measurable, high ROI advertising. He’s scaled large sales teams, while also understanding organizations in which product and engineering are core to the DNA. He has a fanatic devotion to delivering value to customers. Last but certainly not least, he immediately clicked with the AdRoll team.

Before leading the North American sales team at AdWords, Suresh headed business development efforts for Google’s local advertising channel team and built scalable sales programs for agencies. He’s also a fellow Stanford grad, holding a dual BA in Economics and Public Policy, and holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management.

Outside of work, Suresh and his wife own and operate Kasa Indian Eatery in San Francisco (including a team favorite, the Kasa Food Truck a block away at Off The Grid). He has two children and is a passionate Little League coach.

At AdRoll, we have an ambitious mission, but I’ve never been more confident and energized by our team. Welcome aboard, Suresh!

–Aaron Bell, CEO