Today, we’re excited to roll out retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed. With Page Post Link Ads (PPLA) powered by Facebook Exchange (FBX), advertisers can now re-engage prospective customers with a new, high-quality ad unit in the most prominent location on Facebook.

Even prior to gaining access to this premium placement, FBX has been an absolute boon for advertisers of all sizes. Our initial group of advertisers saw 16x ROI on the platform, and more recent tests have yielded an 70% lower CPC when compared to standard web retargeting campaigns. We’re currently running campaigns for over 2,000 advertisers on Facebook, and are excited to see how these units take that striking FBX performance to a whole new level. Initial reports out of Facebook reveal Page Post Link Ads garner 20-40x higher CTR than that of standard FBX ads on the right hand side.

Facebook’s News Feed is the reason that billions of users log in to the platform each month. By nature of their premium placement, directly in the News Feed, these ad units are highly-visible and highly-engaging. The News Feed is the first place people go when they come to Facebook and the place where they spend the most time. As an added bonus, these units have all the familiar social elements, which give your retargeted PPLAs additional viral distribution as people like, share, and comment on your ad.

You can see how these new units stack up below:


Please visit our Support Center for more information and, if interested, sign up for our waiting list today. This functionality is still very much in Beta, but we’ll be rolling it out to more customers each week.