Last year, AdRoll launched our diversity club, OneRoll, to promote and encourage a more diverse work environment through focus on hiring, community outreach, and workplace development.

As a part of our efforts, we kicked off our very own speaker series to start a dialogue within the wider tech industry on how to build businesses with diversity at the foundation.

On the heels of our first installment, Making the Business Case for Diversity, AdRoll hosted Anne Ricketts, professional communications coach, to discuss Going Global: Communication Techniques for Global Teams. Anne Ricketts specializes in cross-cultural and ESL training for technology companies such as LinkedIn, Google, and Facebook.

Communicating across offices and cultures is a mission-critical skill for any global company.  Following our Japan office launch this February, AdRoll is building a foundation for all future global expansion.

Patrick Mee, VP of Engineering at AdRoll, joined Anne to discuss the following points:

  • Strategies to minimize miscommunication/language barriers
  • How culture affects communication in meetings
  • Strategies to engage remote offices when your team is dispersed
Watch the full interview below:

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