The past few months have been a thrill at AdRoll, as we continue to build out our engineering, marketing, sales and operations teams. We’ve experienced a 334% increase in our customer base from 2011 to 2012, and have done some serious hiring to keep up with demand. Recently, we’ve hired five new employees a week on average, leading to a whopping 85% growth since January.

So who are these AdRollers?



Meet Andrew Pascoe, data scientist!

At AdRoll, product is everything. In order to continue offering our customers the most innovative and effective platform in the retargeting space, we’ve made some rockstar additions to our engineering team as of late, growing our eng. team 50% this year.

Andrew will contribute to the algorithms powering our efficient real-time bidder (RTBoodah) and the intelligent crunching of the vast amounts of data we collect. Before becoming a Roller, Andrew worked as mathematician for Dean Kamen’s DEKA Research & Development. Unfamiliar with DEKA? It’s the leading pioneer in innovative health and medical devices as well as the creator of the fan favorite Segway. Andrew applied fluid mechanics, Hamiltonian dynamics, and many more highly evolved niche sciences to new inventions.

Before his time at DEKA, Andrew was also selected to work at the National Security Agency where he parsed huge data sets and applied statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms. Later he published his research internally and presented his findings to the Director of the NSA himself. Our team is still intently working on prying our nation’s security secrets out of him.



With a 96% customer retention rate, our operations team is known for their quick response time and Jedi-like skills in quickly resolving any issues that AdRoll customers may have. They make sure our campaigns run smoothly and our product teams get the feedback needed to improve current features and develop new ones.

Meet the newest member, Jonathan Lau.

Jonathan hails from Southern California but has spent the past few years in the Bay Area. As a Golden Bear studying Political Science at U.C. Berkeley, he became an expert in International Politics. Jonathan even considered entering the Foreign Service or getting his Masters in Security Policy Studies at George Washington University. Luckily for us, he got swept up in the tech world and hasn’t looked back since.

As an account manager for Google’s Online Sales Canada Team, Jonathan managed a variety of campaigns and has become quite an ad ops guru. So why leave Google for AdRoll? He explained, “I joined AdRoll for several reasons. First and foremost, I believe in our platform and its ease-of-use. I was also drawn to the creative and hardworking startup environment. If there’s a bug in the system, I can walk to the engineers and start the fix process. If there is a part of the website that needs revisions, I can work with the marketing team to make changes!”

Best part, he can still bring his friend’s teething Siberian Husky puppy, Eli, to the office!



We’ve been working hard to raise even more awareness about our cutting-edge technology and products. To continue expanding our reach to businesses of all sizes, we’ve grown our sales team 130% in 2012 alone — from 19 to 44.

The latest sales ‘Roller to join is Cameron Sampson.

In addition to having an odd fondness for neon mustaches, Cameron is a seasoned sales representative that has driven sales for CPG products to display ads. Like many AdRollers, he studied at UC Berkeley, where he also played Varsity Lacrosse and became a shameless bocce ball aficionado.

With only two weeks under his belt, Cameron has already grown accustomed to the AdRoll office. When asked what his favorite thing about the office was, he explained, “There is no one thing that is a favorite. Rather, I love the whole feel and vibe of the space. The open layout of a refurbished industrial building, Boodah (honorary AdRoll office dog) blessing us all with her presence, and the mini ping pong table all contribute to make our office an amazing work-home.”

As we continue to grow, we’re always looking to hire the best and brightest. Check out our current job openings and if you think you’re a fit for one of our open positions, we’d love to hear from you!