Over the past year, we’ve more than doubled the number of ‘Rollers at our SF headquarters and in our New York offices. Even through this rapid growth, we’ve made attracting top talent our #1 priority. I recently sat down with three of our new(er) hires to learn more about their pasts, and why they’re so excited to join the team:


Dan O’Connell, Senior Director of Sales

What were you doing prior to joining AdRoll?

I was a Googler for almost 10 years and, prior to leaving, ran their Mid-Market New Business Sales Team in the San Francisco office. After leaving Google, I worked at SurveyMonkey, overseeing sales for their consumer insight business.

I’m drawn to the mid-market segment because it’s incredibly diverse – from businesses that are new to online advertising to savvy established brands. Working with this range forces you to continually find new ways to solve for scale.

What’s your vision for the mid-market sales organization here?

I want to build the most innovative sales organization in the ad tech space. That means quickly adopting new and efficient tools to help the team better identify, qualify, and close opportunities.

Lauren Vaccarello, VP of Marketing

What were you doing prior to joining AdRoll?

I ran online marketing for salesforce.com, where I led acquisition efforts through search engine marketing, display (and retargeting), social ads, email and SEO. I was known for using marketing as a profit center for the business as the online marketing team was responsible for driving hundreds of millions of dollars in global pipeline. Fun fact: I also wrote the leading book on B2B online marketing.

Career Pro Tip:

Though there are many advantages of working at a big company (job security, established career trajectory, etc.), there are a lot of limitations, especially when it comes to project ownership and speed of decision-making. You can be happy at a big company but, if you want more, you have to take the jump and give a small company a try. Take a risk and do something without a safety net!

Stacey Manes, VP of HR and Recruiting

In your opinion, what sets AdRoll apart from other startups?

We’ve set a very high bar for talent and have been able to maintain it while rapidly expanding — we’ve grown over 100% this last year. We also excel in three areas that contribute to a high degree of employee happiness: our Rollers are proud of their work, they trust the leadership team, and there’s a strong sense of camaraderie.

How has the perception of HR changed and what does that mean for AdRoll?

It’s only been in the last decade or so that HR has established itself as a strategic contributor that can have a significant impact on a company’s success. At AdRoll, one of our core values is to hire great people and help them grow. We’re continually developing programs that will enable AdRoll to continue to hire and retain the very best talent, which will allow us to scale rapidly and successfully. 

Interested in rollin’ with us? Check out our new Careers page to view our openings and to learn more about life here at AdRoll.