Three months ago we launched a monthly metrics email to give AdRoll advertisers insight into their AdRoll performance—straight from their inbox.

This email has been tested for the past few months; we’ve sent almost 50,000 to date. I’m proud of the email, and how it’s grown, so I wanted to explain why we created it.

Clear and relevant takeaways

Many services offer automated reporting, but my colleague Max and I—as part of AdRoll Growth—wanted to take it a step further and provide simple and actionable recommendations.

This is what a customer’s monthly metrics email looks like:


This particular advertiser has a healthy amount of conversions and clicks, so we’ve provided them with a recommendation to add Facebook to their existing web retargeting campaign, as we’ve found that Facebook retargeting typically improves campaign performance.

Pleasing to the eyes and native by design

We chose this design because it’s oriented around the customer. There’s no confusing ad-tech acronyms, each row has information you’ll care about, and whenever possible we offer simple recommendations personalized to your campaign, like:

  • If we detect no conversion segment, we’ll suggest the customer create a conversion segment
  • If we see a low CTR, we’ll suggest the advertiser create new ads via Design Squad
  • If the customer has no Facebook campaigns, we’ll advise them to launch one

The other thing I love about this report is that it’s native—within an email. Marketers spend their lives in CSVs and Microsoft Excel, and it can be daunting to pour through additional reports chock-full with squiggly line graphs and tiny decimals.

We wanted this report to be a break from metrics overload; a refreshingly beautiful email that allows you to check in on your campaign’s performance without straining your eyes.

Flexible development makes improvements easy

From a development standpoint, I’m also excited because we built the email in Customer.IO, which makes it simple to layer in new recommendations, A/B test content, and measure performance.

In fact, we’re hoping to build on the foundation of our monthly metrics email, so stay tuned for future updates to its design and functionality.

Bringing greater transparency to display advertising

At AdRoll, we not only believe in providing customers helpful information, we also aim to show total transparency into how and where your marketing dollars are spent. With our monthly metrics report, and our newly released Prospecting Insights Report, AdRoll customers can more clearly understand how display advertising impacts their bottom line.