Companies of all types are waking up to the benefits of transparency, but it’s still fuzzy for many on how to actually drive a transparent culture. Since AdRoll’s inception, we’ve made it a point to innovate around transparency in all aspects of our daily activities, and strive to maintain a high level of openness and communication even as we grow in size, scale, and complexity.

We’ve implemented a number of tools to help build transparency at scale. Recently, I wrote an article for Mashable highlighting the 5 tips for building transparency into your company culture:

  1. Q&A message board for weekly all-hands: give employees a forum to ask questions in a safe place, with the opportunity to post anonymously. Address the most pressing questions at weekly all-hands with the entire org to keep an open dialogue.
  2. Communication tools for collaboration: At AdRoll, we use Slack to foster transparency into what we’re working on across teams and leadership.
  3. Paint your values on a wall: We did this quite literally, evangelizing our core values as six ‘Spirit Animals’ that have place of pride on our office mural at SF HQ.

  4. Share news; build trust: Keep employees in the loop on big decisions or changes. Breed trust to build trust.

  5. Monitor and share the company pulse: We work with CultureAmp every year to benchmark employees’ attitudes toward work. Every year, we walk through the results with as a company and talk about highlights or hotspots that need to be addressed.

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mashable_blog_imageHead over to Mashable to check out the full article, and visit our careers page to learn more about Transparency at AdRoll!