Hot on the heels of our international expansion and latest round of key new hires, I’m excited to announce that Scott Gifis, former VP of Mid-Market and Publisher Marketplace at Criteo, has joined AdRoll as our VP of Global Supply.


AdRoll has long been focused on developing best-in-class solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Historically, this has meant building a user-friendly UX to help businesses collect and segment their data, sophisticated bidding algorithms to do the heavy-lifting when evaluating billions of ad impressions, dynamic ad solutions that allow for better-performing and personalized creative, and a transparent reporting interface that gives brands deep insights into how their campaigns are performing.

Scott will help develop another key component of this equation: where an advertiser’s ad will appear. We’re on the cutting-edge of inventory adoption — we were selected as one of the first alpha partners on Facebook Exchange (FBX) — and Scott will advance our current supply and publishers capabilities, enabling advertisers to reach more potential customers in high-quality and high-performing placements across display, video, mobile and social channels.

Scott brings over 13 years of experience to AdRoll, with an extensive background in building strong publisher relationships, and scaling global sales and service teams. Prior to AdRoll, Scott was responsible for launching and scaling Criteo’s North American publisher marketplace and mid-market advertising sales organization, so he has a rich understanding of our space.

Most businesses, especially small to medium-sized ones, have never historically had access to premium inventory or even premium publishers. AdRoll’s unique business model enables us to serve as an advocate for brands of all sizes and we’re excited to bring their quality, unique demand to top publishers, while continuing to serve our clients in achieving the unparalleled performance and scale that helps their businesses grow.

Join me in giving Scott a warm AdRoll welcome!