June 2015, AdRoll commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how B2B marketers use digital technology to reach early-stage buyers.

Among many findings, Forrester discovered the most effective marketing techniques are often the most underutilized. At the top of that list was retargeting, which 92 percent ranked as effective, but was only used by 32 percent of professionals. This means there’s many opportunities for marketers to grow their campaigns.

For more insight into how B2B companies can improve their early-stage prospect engagement, download  the full report. We’ve illustrated a few of the most interesting findings from the report in the following infographic:
AdRoll - Forrester infographic_v8 (2)

Learn more about the report findings with Laura Ramos, Forrester VP, principal B2B analyst and Ben Earle, head of industry (B2B), AdRoll, on our webinar this Thursday to gain insights into critical opportunities for growth and refinement within your current digital marketing strategies. Register here.