AdRoll Expands Globally into Dublin. (Click to view full size)

AdRoll Expands Globally into Dublin.
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When I joined AdRoll in February 2012, we were a scrappy bunch of 40 people in a drafty old garment factory in San Francisco. I was eager to leave the comfy confines of Google and take a risk, but my first thought after finding the security guard asleep at his desk in the lobby on my first day of work was that I might have over-corrected.

We’ve come a long way since then. Earlier this month, we achieved 3 big milestones – we surpassed a $100M run rate, now serve more than 10,000 active advertisers and, in over 100 countries. On Friday, we were recognized by Inc. Magazine’s 2013 Hire Power Awards as one of the largest Advertising & Marketing job creators in the US, adding over 160 employees in San Francisco and New York. And, yesterday, I announced that Marius Smyth, former Head of UK/Ireland SMB Sales at Google, had joined AdRoll to lead our European expansion based out of Dublin.

Marius should be incredibly busy as we will look to add at least 100 employees in Dublin over the next 12 months. We’ve grown EMEA revenue by 600% year on year and now have almost 1,400 advertisers in region, so building out a world-class, multi-lingual team across sales, account management, support, marketing, finance and recruiting will be critical to ensuring our advertisers are delighted.

We’re off to a very strong start, with an all-star 15 person team and a bustling office vibe.  We’re on the hunt for the best and brightest Europe has to offer, so let us know if you’re looking to be a part of something special in Dublin.

Next up: Australia!

Keep Rollin’,