According to the Association of National Advertisers, ‘’programmatic’ was the 2014 marketing word of the year. Here at AdRoll, we’d say that’s a pretty good choice.

This year, we announced a partnership with Apple to bring the power of programmatic to iAd. We’ve reached new heights in data processing, continuously improving upon the power of our predictive model to deliver even better results to advertisers. We released our powerful cross-device capabilities and launched offices in London, Sydney, and Tokyo, educating advertisers worldwide on what’s next in programmatic marketing technology.

Everything that’s happened this year couldn’t have been possible without our amazing customers, partners, and hard-working ‘Rollers around the world. We’ve put together a little holiday video to show appreciation and help spread the cheer as we close the book on 2014:

2014 marked AdRoll as one of the first programmatic marketing companies to run performance advertising strategies across the four key players in the mobile industry: Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter. Who knows what tidings the new year will bring with such a great community all around us.

Happy Holidays!