The theme around AdRoll’s HQ this year is “Go Beyond.” Over the course of the year, we’ll be launching new products that take the performance and usability AdRoll is known for and extending them into new, exciting areas of marketing, all with the goal of helping our customers grow even faster.

Today, I’m excited to announce SendRoll, our new product which brings retargeting to the email inbox! For those who have been following along, SendRoll has its roots in our acquisition of a small but mighty Y-Combinator company, userfox.

SendRoll Reaches Your Site Visitors with Email

SendRoll allows you to seamlessly retarget your site visitors with automated emails featuring product recommendations tailored to browsing behavior—in the same way that you already retarget on social, mobile, native and the web through AdRoll.

Here’s an example from our customer Velasca, an e-commerce fashion retailer:

First, a shopper visits their site but leaves before making a purchase.


Later, SendRoll triggers an email.


Bringing SendRoll to marketers everywhere feels like a natural next step for us. The product uses the same website behavior analysis and dynamic product recommendation technology that we’ve been fine-tuning for years, and also complements the partnerships we’ve built with leading email platforms like MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and others. Let’s walk through how SendRoll works.

SendRoll Takes Minutes to Set Up

If you’re one of AdRoll’s 25,000 customers, you can get set up with SendRoll in just one click, and launch a campaign minutes later—no development work needed. When you start using SendRoll, the same AdRoll pixel already placed on your site will automatically begin collecting email addresses through existing website modules like exit pops, blog subscriptions, and customer logins.


The true promise of SendRoll is in bringing real-time customer behavior and the intelligence of retargeting to deliver more personalized emails than ever before. Based on our early adopter feedback, we’ve introduced four types of campaign goals to get you off to the races: Cart Recovery, Loyalty, Category, and “choose your own adventure.” Each campaign type pulls in your corresponding AdRoll audience segment, and automatically excludes converted users (unless you’re running a loyalty campaign).


We’ve loaded up SendRoll with clean, beautiful, and easy-to-edit templates that have performed well in our beta tests, including suggested copy and subject lines. We also made it one step easier for customers using existing email providers like MailChimp to automatically import top-performing templates and seamlessly manage subscriber lists. More adventurous designers also have the option to create and customize brand new email styles with our HTML editor.


Dramatically Better Performance Compared to Traditional Email Campaigns

More than 700 customers have joined our beta, and the early adopters have seen big results. Average open rates stand at more than 50 percent and average click-through rates on these emails are above 10 percent. That’s two-to-three times the performance of standard email blasts.


SendRoll Complements Your Existing Email Provider

So, is SendRoll a replacement for a full-service email provider? The answer is no. Our customers will always have a need for batch-and-blast announcements, newsletters, and other lifecycle marketing programs. SendRoll is a complementary add-on that delivers highly targeted emails triggered by real-time customer browsing behavior, and acts as a performance booster overall. As Velasca’s CEO puts it, “We’re getting great results and love how it complements the emails we’re already sending through Mailchimp.”

SendRoll is Out Now!

SendRoll is available today for US marketers on a self-service basis at, and we’ll be rolling out account management services soon. We’re really excited about this beta release, and are already working on new feature enhancements to help you win even more customers.

Win more customers with SendRoll today!