Best Places to Work Logo We’ve got a motto: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” This isn’t to downplay the importance of strategy, but to say that great strategy is derived from a team and environment that’s working in top form.

And this is why we are so excited for today. AdRoll is being recognized for the most important part of our company: our culture. AdRoll has been named #21 on Fortune’s Top 25 Best Medium Size Workplace list. It’s an honor to make this national list, especially because it reflects the opinion of actual AdRoll folks who took their own time to fill out an anonymous, voluntary employee survey. We’ve grown quickly over the past few years, and today we have over 500 people. We’ve experienced first hand the battle for great tech talent in San Francisco, NYC, Dublin, London, and Sydney… The five cities where we have offices. So, how do we attract and retain the best of best?

Adgoal pic

Watch out Germany, AdGoal FC wins their second championship.

It goes beyond the lightweight perks introduced in the first dot-com wave, like foosball and snacks. Rather, you need to obsess with the deeper values. I’ve written about these before once or twice, but among the most important are: investing in people’s growth in their roles and careers, building trust through proactive transparency and pushing down responsibility, and snuffing out politics in order to create a culture of merit. Of course, it’s key to build a team of people that enjoy working with each other, where people are encouraged to be themselves. Many Rollers have developed tight bonds outside the workday taking part in other fun activities (see AdRoll soccer), or participating in our AdRoll Gives Back program.

Check out the AdRoll team in action in our recent video:

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