Earlier today, Facebook announced that it would be closing Facebook Exchange (FBX), its real-time bidding inventory. While FBX will be sunsetting November 1, 2016, AdRoll clients will not have to take any action, and your campaigns will continue to run as normal.

FBX was a very exciting technology when it first debuted in 2012. It was the first time marketers were able to bring their first-party data to Facebook, and our mission is to help businesses leverage their customer data across any marketing channel.

However, as consumers were increasingly spending more time on their mobile devices, it was quickly apparent that there were certain limitations to FBX, primarily that FBX was desktop-only inventory. So AdRoll made the conscious decision to migrate our clients from FBX to Facebook’s Custom Audience product in March 2015.

Over the last four years, we have developed the AdRoll platform to complement your web marketing strategies with the best of Facebook’s offering in one unified dashboard.

As Facebook shutters FBX in November, AdRoll clients can rest easy; your campaigns are not impacted. We look forward to continue innovating on the Facebook platform and providing our customers with a cross-platform solution for data-driven performance marketing.