Today, I am excited to announce the release of our “Facebook by the Numbers 2015” research report. Last year’s report was a must download for all serious performance marketers who wanted to take their retargeting to the next level.

This year, we provide an in-depth global perspective with key insights by region. Also, since our business has grown significantly in the past year, we were able to analyze a much larger dataset. In last year’s report, we looked at 800 million ad impressions across our platform. In this year’s report, we were able to process 55,000 individual campaigns, which served 37 billion impressions worldwide between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. This year’s dataset is 46 times larger than what we looked at last year.

Some of the year over year findings from the report include:

  • Globally, AdRoll saw a 31% increase in average spend per advertiser (ASPA) on retargeting on Facebook.
  • When adding Facebook to an existing display retargeting campaign, AdRoll customers are getting a clear improvement in performance. Specifically, our advertisers saw a 92% increase in impression reach, a 9% drop in cost per thousand impressions (CPM), a 27% decrease in cost per clicks (CPC), and a 26% increase in click-through rates (CTR).
  • AdRoll business to business (B2B) marketers have realized that Facebook isn’t only a consumer channel. They are now using retargeting on Facebook for content marketing and as a way to increase social engagement. B2B CTRs have increased by 140%, and ASPA has increased by 60%.
  • In comparison to static ad creative, AdRoll campaigns using dynamic personalized creative had a 24% higher CTR, a 6% lower CPC, and a 41% lower CPA.
  • Cross-device retargeting is gaining adoption and increasing overall advertiser performance. When adding mobile retargeting to an AdRoll Facebook campaign, advertisers saw a 60% increase in impression reach, a 64% increase in CTRs, and a 36% drop in CPCs.

AdRoll - Facebook by the Numbers cover

For more insights and additional analysis, download the full Facebook By the Numbers 2015 Report.