Over the last year, AdRoll’s mission of making retargeting easy and effective for everyone has really caught fire. Last month alone, we welcomed over 1,250 new advertisers to our platform. The secret to our success has always been layering the industry’s most intuitive tools over a powerful data backend to help companies collect, analyze and (most importantly) act on their customer data.

Today, I’m excited to announce we’ve taken another big step forward in our mission with the acquisition of data analytics platform Bitdeli, and the addition of the company’s founders, the Tuulos brothers, to our engineering team.


From left to right: Valentino Volonghi, Aaron Bell, Ville Tuulos, Jyri Tuulos

Ville Tuulos (brother #1) first popped onto our radar five years ago when our Chief Architect, Valentino, learned of Disco, the Erlang-based MapReduce framework that Ville created:

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.25.10 AM

Clearly, this epic “awesomeness night” set Valentino aflutter. Soon after, he struck up correspondence with Ville and became one of the first contributors to the Disco open source project. Years later, Ville and Jyri (brother #2) took their concept further and launched Bitdeli with a vision to democratize data and make it easy for anyone to build their own custom analytics.

When we met Jyri, we quickly realized he was the perfect complement to Ville, and had the unique front-end skills to make complex data mining technology simple through innovative visualizations and interfaces.

Once we all began talking, we realized we had matching world views and aspirations. It was a natural decision to join forces.

Over the coming months, we will be rolling the Bitdeli technology into the AdRoll product. With this, our users will see:

• New, richer ways to slice data for analysis and targeting
• New, beautiful visualizations of data
• Greater transparency across all sorts of data sets
• Proactive insights and suggestions
• Smarter customer scoring and optimizations

As always, we’ll do our best to do the heavy lifting and make it quick-and-easy for you to run successful campaigns. While Bitdeli’s core product will be rolled into AdRoll, Bitdeli’s GitHub Badge, a free product that provides analytics specifically for GitHub users, will remain unchanged and continue to be maintained independently of AdRoll’s platform.

Welcome aboard, Ville and Jyri!

-Aaron Bell