In the past, marketing attribution used to be a much simpler proposition – with the understanding that the last click was the point in which, say, interest turned into a buying decision. However, device proliferation means that it’s increasingly challenging to gauge at which points in the customer journey have influenced consumers to convert.

At the same time, there is an increasing recognition of the importance of attribution and understanding what channel is working best to drive successful approaches that can lead to tangible improvements, enabling brands to optimise their digital spend and drive ROI.

Attribution Research

Taking these trends into account, at AdRoll we’re teaming up with Econsultancy to produce a report to benchmark the state of marketing attribution in the UK, France and Germany. Instead of focusing broadly at the role of attribution in the organisation this report will focus on marketing attribution in practice and we want your views. Do you carry out any type of marketing attribution modelling? Is there any type of attribution or approach that has proved to be particularly effective?

The survey, which takes 5-10 minutes to complete, contains questions about goals for marketing attribution, how attribution is carried out, effectiveness of various methods and barriers to using attribution more effectively.

In return for taking part in the research, you’ll receive full access to the resulting research report upon publication.The survey closes on 1st July. Have your say today. All answers are strictly confidential. 

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