As a B2B marketer, I often face the same challenges as our clients. Challenges that range from gaining insights into our multi-platform customer journey to assessing whether or not we’re driving the right kinds of leads, and even evaluating whether marketing and sales could be better aligned. When taking a look at why these problems existed, we realized they stem from how marketing technology was originally built—as siloed solutions for singular problems—and that the answer lies in connecting these solutions.

Today at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, we announced the AdRoll Marketo Connector—a strategic product integration with Marketo, the leading provider of marketing software and solutions. The AdRoll Marketo Connector is a direct integration that will transform B2B marketing, while also expanding our unique partnership. The partnership enables marketing and sales teams to target specific accounts wherever they fall in the sales journey. Through programmatic advertising, companies will be able to coordinate their ABM strategy across platforms and channels.

For the first time marketers will be able to seamlessly unite their programmatic advertising campaign data in the Marketo Engagement Platform to identify each touchpoint that has made an impact on customers’ businesses. “Now with the AdRoll Marketo Connector, marketers can save time and optimize their campaigns with a seamless connection between two of the most powerful marketing technology platforms available today,” said Suresh Khanna, chief revenue officer, AdRoll

The AdRoll Marketo Connector has resulted in more conversions and deeper customer insights for many clients, including PagerDuty, the leader in digital operations management.

“We didn’t have a lot of visibility into the customer journey and didn’t know which levers to pull to speed up our marketing efforts—all platforms were reporting numbers that didn’t match with our source of truth, Marketo,” said Paul Suway, senior demand manager at PagerDuty. “The AdRoll Marketo Connector has been hugely helpful because we’re able to better identify the types of content that people view and engage with the most. As all of our content is tied to unique personas, we want to arm our sales team with the most actionable data to close deals.”

“We have been seeing strong adoption of ABM strategies and tools among our customers, including the AdRoll Marketo connector. We’re excited to be partnering on ABM to deliver deep insights and high-performance results to our joint customers that will enable them to win in the ‘Engagement Economy,” said Matthew Zilli, vice president of product and segment marketing at Marketo. “Our customers are looking for ABM solutions that enable sales and marketing teams to align and engage with target accounts. With the AdRoll Marketo Connector, sales and marketing teams can do exactly that.”

The AdRoll Marketo Connector is just the beginning for what we’ve got planned for our B2B clients this year. To stay tuned for upcoming product announcements, subscribe to the AdRoll blog.

AdRoll will be demonstrating the AdRoll Marketo Connector at Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit, booth #S542. AdRoll Advisor and founding team member Adam Berke will present a session, “AdTech, MarTech, and Brands: Worlds Collide,” on Tuesday, April 25 at 4:45 p.m. in Room 2002/2004.