2012 was a rocket ship ride at AdRoll. Thanks to the support of our growing customer base and the tireless work that each ‘Roller makes happen behind the scenes, we achieved some pretty incredible milestones last year.

Today, I’m honored to share that we’ve been named one of “America’s Most Promising Companies” aka “The Nifty 50” by Forbes. This distinction is a particularly meaningful one, as the selection process involved a number of factors including: growth, quality of management/investors, margins and market size.

Sorry, I didn't vote Forbes for President, but appreciate you've voted for us!

Sorry, I didn’t vote Forbes for President, but appreciate you’ve voted for us!

I truly believe that we have the best team in the business, from every single employee to our fantastic advisory team. As I’ve said in the past, as long as we keep working closely with our customers and build the right products to help their businesses, we can achieve our goal of truly democratizing the retargeting space. We built and continue to improve a platform that meets the needs of any size advertiser. It’s been this flexibility and continued focus on product innovation that has fueled our growth.

Our team continues to expand (currently 130 and growing every day) and in addition to our newly-opened NYC office, our San Francisco headquarters will expand to include another floor in the coming weeks — 29,000 square feet in total. If you’re interested in joining the retargeting revolution, we’re always on the hunt for smart, fun and hardworking future ‘Rollers .

Here we come 2013…

— Aaron
Founder, CEO