The digital divide has separated physical sign-based promotions and programmatic advertising for years. Now, AdRoll has developed a new product designed to unify the digital and physical: BoardRoll.

AdRoll engineers have painstakingly mapped the strategies of the nation’s top poster board dancers to identify the movements, sign structures and correct location—precariously close to the curb—to identify the hand signals that sell products.

In addition, BoardRoll is bolstered by four unprecedented advantages in this fast-moving industry:

  • Dynamically shifting messaging is unaffected by industry and geothermal tailwinds
  • Prevents “ad fatigue” by intelligently circumventing ad viewers’ visual cortex
  • Provides on-the-job training for unemployed dance majors
  • Automotive ad blocking technology has so far not reached mainstream adoption

For campaign optimization tips, check out AdRoll’s Halp Center for a full rundown of tips and best practices.

Image Credit: Imgur.