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ShangRolla is a special place. Yes we’ve got tons of free candy, video games and a ping pong table, but it’s the people that truly make AdRoll a fun place to work. With that said, we thought it’d be fun to continue introducing you to members of the AdRoll gang through short videos and Q&As on our blog.
In this post, we’re putting the spotlight on J. Ryan Williams — one of the original AdRollers and a Quiznos superstar.AdRoll: Hey, J. Ryan. So tell us, what brought you to AdRoll and what’s your role here?J. Ryan: I’m originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but have roots in the Midwest. After graduate school at University of Chicago, I moved to the Bay Area and have never looked back at the days of shoveling snow filled driveways.I started at AdRoll 2.5 years ago as employee 12. I’m the senior director of sales development, which means I devote most of my time and energy to supporting our rapidly growing sales team, facilitating training, and managing a team of 15 of our newest sales folks. I also continue to work on major accounts like Microsoft and Hipmunk.AdRoll: So it’s safe to say AdRoll has taken you on quite the adventure?

J. Ryan: I’ve seen all 50 states and could tell you a story about being in every single one. I even have a cameo in a Quiznos commercial about a sandwich that visits all 50 states. Don’t tell Quiznos, but my favorite chain restaurant is actually Waffle House. I’ve also met four heads of state, including former US presidents Carter and Bush.

AdRoll: Wow, we’ve got a star among us. Nice. So let’s get to the important stuff. What’s up with the ‘J’ before your name?

J. Ryan: My real first name is James. I’m actually the webmaster for http://ryanparty.com/, an organization for people named Ryan. Ironic, I know, but good times nonetheless.

AdRoll: Besides kissing fish and keeping tabs on people named Ryan, what keeps you busy outside of work?

J. Ryan: When not AdRolling, I’m hanging with my newborn Emma and wife Jenny. I’m also a photographer hobbyist and enjoy the outdoors, travel, and long walks on the beach.

Intrigued? You can find out more by following J. Ryan @jryanwilliams in the Twittersphere.