AdRoll Pulse logoAt AdRoll, being a Great Place to Work means more than just providing awesome perks like Bagel Wednesdays or a dog-friendly office environment. It means caring for our employees’ holistic health and well-being. We firmly believe in investing in and taking good care of our most valuable resource – our people.

That’s why this August, AdRoll SF sponsored its first-ever Money Matters and Wellness Weeks to promote financial, physical and spiritual wellness for Rollers!

Beginning with Money Matters week, Rollers learned about all aspects of financial planning, from managing student loan debt and planning for retirement, to buying their very first home. Highlights included 1:1 401(k) sessions with certified financial planners, and a session on how to leverage free online platforms to get your personal financial house in order.

Money Matters:

Monday: Managing Student Loans
Tuesday: Work/ Life Balance
Wednesday: Planning for Retirement
Thursday: Mortgage Planning
Friday: Personal Finance 101

After getting our Rollers financially fit as a fiddle, we kicked off AdRoll Wellness Week by turning the focus toward wellness of the mind, body and spirit. This included a session on how to find the ever-elusive “work/life balance”, providing free Biometric Screenings that gave instant feedback on BMI, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and co-sponsored daily meditation sessions with our employee-led “NatuRoll.” In keeping with our corporate culture of philanthropy, our AdRoll Gives Back club co-sponsored a Blood Drive replete with freshly made juices to revitalize our blood donors.

Wellness Week:

Monday: Understanding your Benefits + AdRoll Running Club
Tuesday: Understanding Equity + Yoga Session
Wednesday: Biometrics Screening
Thursday: GivesBack Blood Drive
Friday: Meditation

It’s the first time we’ve done this, so we wanted to make sure to get some anonymous employee feedback at the end of the two weeks, to see whether these sessions were useful, if we should do it again, and how they could be improved. It was awesome to hear that ‘Rollers had some strong takeaways from the sessions:

“The 401(k) session was especially insightful and the follow-up 1:1 meeting helped me to put a plan in place for next year’s contributions.”

“It feels amazing to be at a company that cares about us so much, and these past two weeks have been a shining example of that. Thank you 🙂 Very grateful <3.”


Partner Development Manager Matt Saydah doesn’t miss a beat: we caught him checking in with advertisers while donating to the blood drive.

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