Today, we’re excited to announce our new service tier: Strategic Solutions. This program is specifically designed for large brands and agencies, and provides hands-on guidance, campaign controls, and reporting transparency for larger customers in a way that is unmatched by other offerings in the performance advertising industry.

AdRoll Strategic Solutions helps customers leverage their own first-party data with powerful retargeting to convert visitors who left their site. Advertisers that opt-in to the AdRoll IntentMapare also able to pool their first-party data with anonymous user profiles from over 1,500 partners to find new, high-value customers with AdRoll Prospecting.

AdRoll’s full-funnel performance display solution is available to qualified customers on a fully-managed basis, or through a transparent self-service dashboard. Other benefits of the program include custom report development, attribution modeling consultation, advertising creative development, and quarterly business reviews.

In addition to accessing the AdRoll account team’s expertise, Strategic Solutions clients get access to a platform seamlessly integrated with partners including Marketo, Tealium, and now, Adobe Audience Manager. Audience Manager allows advertisers to manage first-party data in the Adobe DMP and select segments to be sent to AdRoll for use on retargeting campaigns.

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Strategic Solutions is growing rapidly and now accounts for more than 30 percent of the company’s business, thus motivating the need to create a formalized service tier. Strategic Solutions customers span across industries, including leading brands in retail, travel, finance, and B2B.

Customers enjoy early access to new products and integrations with key partners. For example, AdRoll recently announced it will partake in the beta testing phase of Instagram’s recently-launched API for advertising. The partnership will allow AdRoll clients to retarget consumers on Instagram for the first time.

“AdRoll’s creative team captured the essence of the Clarins brand while driving high performance results, helping us to promote our products more effectively than ever before.”

– Sanna Andrews, Digital Media Consultant, Clarins.

“Working with AdRoll has made our jobs much easier due to the fact that they not only provide superior strategy and guidance for our campaigns, but they also have the custom creative to take our ads to the next level.”

– Daniel Metz, Sr. Display & Social Specialist, Acquisition Marketing at

“Digital advertising in the B2B space can be nuanced and complex. AdRoll provides us with the industry expertise and dedicated vertical specific support in order to maximize our lead generation. With AdRoll, we know we are in good hands and they are delivering a customized attribution plan tailored to our specific needs.”

– Loretta Jones, Vice President of Marketing at Insightly

Large brands and agencies have become increasingly sophisticated with respect to their programmatic marketing strategies, so we created a service structure that can meet these growing needs. We provide the strategy, guidance and creative capabilities these companies are looking for in order to drive real business results.

Enterprise-heroTo learn more about AdRoll Strategic Solutions and request a demo, visit our website.