BLOG-0084 junejordon_SFcitiThis summer, AdRoll offered a summer internship program for high school students who were interested in experiencing a taste of the technology industry here in San Francisco. As a student intern within the marketing team, I thought it would be a fun idea to learn a bit more about the other interns in the program. I decided to ask my fellow marketing interns about their time here at AdRoll, what they learned, and if they would do it again! Below, you’ll learn a bit more about the internship program that we were apart of.

The Job.

Each of us interned on the marketing team, but within different pods:

IMG_8821Laine worked on the content marketing team, where she analyzed and reported on content downloads and social media metrics, and worked on creating presentations to share this information with the larger team.

Judges sat with the marketing operations team, where he helped work on the FAQ page on the AdRoll website, AdRoll blog, and email tracking.

IMG_0445Jinbin interned with the creative team, helping them find ways to make the lives of their team easier. For example, he helped create an inventory system that helped them keep track of creative supplies.



IMG_8824 (1)Ben (me!) worked on the events marketing team, where I helped research and coordinate events such as Retargetopia, and helped with the logistics to make sure it was a success.

The Details.

The other marketing interns and I all agree that we have had a great time interning at AdRoll. The friendly environment and the learning opportunity has made us feel right at home while here. The best part of our internship was the opportunity to be around people in the tech industry, learning about what they do, how their jobs work, and how they affect the company.

We all agreed that the hardest part of the internship was having to get to work at 9AM Monday through Friday, which is something that we are not used to during the summer time….

The Experience.

Not only has AdRoll taught me more about computer technology in general, they have also taught me the skills to be beneficial in a tech company. Those skills are important ones to learn when living in a day and age that is so filled with technology. Judges said that he learned how to sharpen his marketing analysis tools. Jinbin said that he learned about project management and Laine said she learned about interpersonal skills.

Personally, my favorite project while I have been at AdRoll is this blog post, because writing is something that I have passion for. Jingbin said his favorite project that he worked on was graphic design automation; while Laine said that her favorite project was working on a social media metrics PowerPoint. Judges’ favorite project was working on the Frequently Asked Question section of the AdRoll website. We all enjoyed these projects and will remember them after we depart from AdRoll.

Finally, we had a great time while interning here at AdRoll. We enjoyed and appreciated the friendly environment, the opportunity to experience the life of a ‘Roller and the skills we acquired along the way are invaluable. If given the opportunity to come back again all of us definitely would!


Park day for summer interns at Yerba Buena Park.

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